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Simcity 2000 For Free!

Not sure how many people remember this game but I look back at my childhood fondly because of it. This and simcity 4 of course. Well now you can head over to origin and grab a copy for free! Here’s my city that I just started! Oh how I wish I kept those save files from before. Time might have erased the details of those cities, but with my new cities I can recreate those old memories 🙂

Dr. Oetker Mug Cake Revisited Chocolate Sensation


So I went out and brought the chocolate version of the caramel mug cake that I reviewed a week ago. Let’s just say the chocolate isn’t much better. It has a chalky texture, overly sweet followed by a bitter after taste. I’m quite disappointed because if it actually taste good it’s a really quick and easy way to satisfy a chocolate cake craving. My recommendation is, if you live in Canada go to your nearest Superstore and buy their chocolate muffins. I find them quite good, and it’s not too expensive!

Also if you do decide to buy it, keep an eye out for the double package mug cakes. I got the single serving one.


It doesn’t taste any better than it looks

Free Lysol Not Touch Soap Dispenser


Visit the link below to get the rebate form. After you send in the receipt they will reimburse you for the cost of the device. I got it last year and they refunded it to me after 2 months or so.

The device still works perfectly, but it goes through the soap a bit quickly. I did find away to pry off the cap from the included soap container and refilled it with cheaper no name brand hand soap which works just as well. Another issue is that the device is quite sensitive so even if you move your hands in front of it, say to turn on the tap, it can activate it leaving soap all over your counters. But other than that I think its neat, though I don’t think most people need something this fancy.

Dr. Oetker Mug Cake Caramel Sensation

My final review that I have been putting off for a while now is for the Dr. Oetker Mug Cake. Many probably don’t know but I’m an avid baker, with my favourite recipe being a banana chocolate chip bread, so it’s quite odd that I would consider eating something “baked” in a microwave. However I didn’t have to pay a cent since I was fortunate enough to get a coupon from the manufacture to try their new product. Unfortunately, the experience was not just disappointing but horrifying. Not only does the cake taste terrible, it was quite wet on the inside. Not the nice moist, fluffiness of most of my baking creations, but rather a dripping wet moistness that has an after taste of raw dough. On top of this the caramel flavour was surfeit and overpowering.

I think it might be that since it’s a microwaveable product, it’s hard to adjust the settings so that it would cook properly. That I can forgive, but the taste I probably can’t. If I was to make a recommendation to Dr. Oetker, it would be to cut back on the caramel flavours. It’s far too strong for such a small cake. I might have to do a review for their chocolate flavour so that I can do a proper comparsion. Hopefully it won’t be too bad…after all it’s pretty hard to screw up chocolate.